DragonFly LDM™

LDM™ Technology Features

Improved Electrical Yield

Reduced PM time

  • Open Loop layer thickness monitor, both for CI and DI
  • New on-substrate warm-up plane eliminates the use of Kapton tape

Higher Printing Capacity
Automatic printhead cleaning eliminates operator labor, reduces weekly preventive maintenance time and time-consuming activity. Printer availability increased to >85%.

Improve Printing Total Print Time, Purge frequency and duration, and new Printhead management algorithms.

Ensures Environmentally Friendly Printing Conditions
Integrated humidity and temperature sensors. One for external and one for internal printer area.

DragonFly LDM™ Added Value Compared with the Pro

OEE   >60% 10%-20%
Availability for printing (%)   >85% >45%
Preventive Maintenance (bi-weekly hours)   3 hr. No need for additional height calibration 9hr. Long manual dedicated height calibration print
Yield (shorts)   >85% >30%
Print setup operation   No Kapton tape needed at all Kapton tape installation required per each print and replacement every 8 hours
Operator intervention during print   No need At least every 8 hours for Printhead wiping and Kapton tape replacement

DragonFly LDM™ Specifications

Deposition Technology     Piezo Drop on Demand inkjet
Number of Printheads     2, one for each Ink
Minimum Trace Layer Thickness     17 micron
Minimum Dielectric Layer Thickness     35 micron
Inks     Nano Dimension Optimized Silver nano particles and dielectric inks
Trace Conductivity Relative to Copper     5% to 30% process dependent
Dielectric Constant     From 2.9 @ 200MHz to 2.69 at 2GHz
Build Volume     160mm x 160mm x 3mm
Mechanical Accuracy     0.001 mm (1 micron)
Software     Proprietarty DragonFly and SWITCH
External File Compatibility     Gerber, ODB++
Operating System     Windows
Networt Connectivity     Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100/1000
Availability     >85%
Dimensions     1400mm x 800mm x 1800mm
Weight     520Kg, (1150 lbs)
Power Supply     230VAC, 20A, 50-60Hz
Operational Temperature     64°F (18°C) to 72°F (22°C)
Operational Humidity     45% - 50% non condensing
Regulatory Compliance     EAC, CE, FCC